The GENUIN Catalog – 2022

CD album cover 'The Art of Dying – Ars moriendi' (GEN 22800) with Ensemble il capriccio, Franz Vitzthum

The Art of Dying – Ars moriendi

Works by Johann Christoph Bach and Johann Sebastian Bach

Ensemble il capriccio
Franz Vitzthum Counter tenor

GEN 22800  –  4.11.2022

CD album cover 'Rather Romantic' (GEN 22791) with Duo Giovivo, Fabian Bloch, Muriel Zeiter

Rather Romantic

Beautiful Memories Told by the Euphonium

Duo Giovivo Euphonium, Piano
Fabian Bloch Euphonium a.o.
Muriel Zeiter Piano a.o.

GEN 22791  –  4.11.2022

CD album cover 'The Raising of Lazarus' (GEN 22802) with Gellert Ensemble, Andreas Mitschke

The Raising of Lazarus

Work by Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach

Live Recording

Gellert Ensemble
Andreas Mitschke Director

GEN 22802  –  4.11.2022

CD album cover 'Breathe' (GEN 22803) with Trio Klangspektrum


Works by Sebastian Fagerlund, Uroš Rojko, Jukka Tiensuu, Friedrich Goldmann, René Kuwan and Georg Katzer

Trio Klangspektrum

GEN 22803  –  4.11.2022

CD album cover 'Glòria' (GEN 22797) with MDR-Rundfunkchor, Philipp Ahmann


Christmas songs from Germany and around the world, Volume 3

Philipp Ahmann Conductor

GEN 22797  –  7.10.2022

CD album cover 'Jazzissimo' (GEN 22792) with Matthias Well, Lilian Akopova


Jazz in Classical Music

Matthias Well Violin
Lilian Akopova Piano

GEN 22792  –  7.10.2022

CD album cover 'Whispers of Tradition' (GEN 22804) with Max Volbers, Gäste / Guest Artists

Whispers of Tradition

(re)inventions for recorder by and after Bach, Dieupart, Monteverdi, Palestrina, Purcell, Sakellaridis, Schein and Vivaldi

Max Volbers Recorder
Gäste / Guest Artists

GEN 22804  –  7.10.2022

CD album cover 'Magic Music Box' (GEN 22799) with Orgelduo Marion Krall & Lars Schwarze

Magic Music Box

Works by Ravel, Dukas, Elgar, Stravinsky and Danksagmüller

Orgelduo Marion Krall & Lars Schwarze

GEN 22799  –  2.9.2022

CD album cover 'WINDOW' (GEN 22775) with Fidan Aghayeva-Edler


Works by Artemis, Rayeva, Grime, Czernowin, Huber, Mundry and Neuwirth

Fidan Aghayeva-Edler Piano

GEN 22775  –  2.9.2022

CD album cover 'Music of the Golden Age' (GEN 22793) with sixty1strings

Music of the Golden Age

Works by Arrigoni, Vivaldi, Le Cocq, Castello, Uccellini, Scarlatti, de Murcia and Marais


GEN 22793  –  2.9.2022

CD album cover 'Meeting Leo Brouwer' (GEN 22794) with Lux Nova Duo

Meeting Leo Brouwer

Works by Leo Brouwer

Lux Nova Duo Guitar, Accordion

GEN 22794  –  2.9.2022

CD album cover 'Momentum' (GEN 22796) with Antoaneta Emanuilova, Endri Nini


Works for Cello and Piano by Beethoven, Brahms and Schumann

Antoaneta Emanuilova Cello
Endri Nini Piano

GEN 22796  –  2.9.2022

CD album cover 'Le temps retrouvé' (GEN 22784) with Eliot Quartett, Dmitry Ablogin

Le temps retrouvé

Chamber Music by César Franck

Eliot Quartett
Dmitry Ablogin Piano

GEN 22784  –  1.7.2022

CD album cover 'Ruhe and the Age of Enlightenment' (GEN 22781) with Georg Zeike, Bernadett Mészáros

Ruhe and the Age of Enlightenment

Sonatas for viola da gamba and basso continuo by Johann Friedrich Ruhe

Georg Zeike Viola da gamba
Bernadett Mészáros Fortepiano & Harpsichord

GEN 22781  –  1.7.2022

CD album cover 'Love Songs, Vol. 1' (GEN 22795d) with Ercole Nisini, Zita Mikijanska, Tobias Schade

Love Songs, Vol. 1

Composed Improvisations on well-known Motets and Madrigals of the Renaissance

Ercole Nisini Trombone
Zita Mikijanska Organ
Tobias Schade Harpsichord

-- digital release --

GEN 22795d  –  1.7.2022

CD album cover 'petite MORT' (GEN 22782) with Natalia Labourdette, Victoria Guerrero

petite MORT

Works by Alban Berg, Gabriel Fauré, Samuel Barber, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Francis Poulenc and Joaquín Turina

Natalia Labourdette Soprano
Victoria Guerrero Piano

GEN 22782  –  3.6.2022

CD album cover 'Scent of a Dream' (GEN 22780) with Ivan Galic

Scent of a Dream

Works by Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms and Ivo Macek

Ivan Galic Piano

GEN 22780  –  3.6.2022

CD album cover 'Poetic Narratives' (GEN 22558) with Viacheslav Apostel-Pankratowsky

Poetic Narratives

Works by Frédéric Chopin

Viacheslav Apostel-Pankratowsky Piano

GEN 22558  –  3.6.2022

CD album cover 'Songs of Rain' (GEN 22769) with Karolina Errera, Lilit Grigoryan

Songs of Rain

Works by Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, John Dowland, Britten, Prokofiev and Brahms

Karolina Errera Viola
Lilit Grigoryan Piano

GEN 22769  –  3.6.2022

CD album cover 'Missing Link: Emilie Mayer' (GEN 22790) with Klaviertrio Hannover

Missing Link: Emilie Mayer

Piano trios in D minor, E-flat major, and A minor

Klaviertrio Hannover

GEN 22790  –  3.6.2022

CD album cover 'Am Übergang – At the Transition' (GEN 22789 ) with Nadezda Pisareva

Am Übergang – At the Transition

Works by Schubert and Beethoven

Nadezda Pisareva Piano

GEN 22789  –  6.5.2022

CD album cover 'Schwarze Messe – Black Mass' (GEN 22745) with Asasello-Quartett

Schwarze Messe – Black Mass

Works by Lourié, Staude, Scriabin and Wyschnegradsky

Asasello-Quartett Violin, Viola, Cello

GEN 22745  –  1.4.2022

CD album cover 'Bach & Ponce' (GEN 22777 ) with Anne Haasch

Bach & Ponce

Suite No. 2 for Lute BWV 997 & 24 Preludes

Anne Haasch Guitar

GEN 22777  –  1.4.2022

CD album cover 'NACHTLICHTER – Nocturnal Lights' (GEN 22788) with Tilman Sillescu, Christian Klaus Frank

NACHTLICHTER – Nocturnal Lights

Symphony No. 1 by Tilman Sillescu

Tilman Sillescu Composer
Christian Klaus Frank Conductor

GEN 22788  –  1.4.2022

CD album cover 'Flow of Music' (GEN 22778) with Deutsche Streicherphilharmonie, Wolfgang Hentrich, Alexej Gerassimez

Flow of Music

Works by Antonín Dvorák, Ney Rosauro and Dietrich Zöllner

Deutsche Streicherphilharmonie
Wolfgang Hentrich Conductor
Alexej Gerassimez percussion

GEN 22778  –  1.4.2022

CD album cover 'Deep Heights' (GEN 22774) with Lisa Hochwimmer, Philharmonisches Orchester Kiel , Benjamin Reiners

Deep Heights

Works by Donizetti, Bourgeois, Tchaikovsky, Lebedev, Verdi, Brubeck and Wagner

Lisa Hochwimmer Bass Trombone
Philharmonisches Orchester Kiel
Benjamin Reiners Conductor

GEN 22774  –  4.3.2022

CD album cover 'Music from France for Flute and  Piano' (GEN 22559) with Atsuko Koga, Fuminori  Tanada

Music from France for Flute and Piano

Works by Eugène Bozza, André Caplet, Rika Suzuki, Fuminori Tanada and Gabriel Fauré

Atsuko Koga Flute
Fuminori Tanada Piano

GEN 22559  –  4.3.2022

CD album cover 'musings' (GEN 22772) with Elisabeth Plank


Works by Fauré, Spohr, Humperdinck, Mahler, Prokofiev, Dussek, Zamara, and Parish Alvars

Elisabeth Plank Harp

GEN 22772  –  4.3.2022

CD album cover 'Resemblances' (GEN 22767) with Catalin Serban


Sonatas, Nocturnes, Fantasies by Alexander Scriabin and Frédéric Chopin

Catalin Serban Piano

GEN 22767  –  4.2.2022

CD album cover 'Music for Flute and Guitar' (GEN 22765) with Christian Mattick, Thomas Etschmann

Music for Flute and Guitar

Works by Ravi Shankar, Astor Piazzolla, Toru Takemitsu, Robert Beaser and Heitor Villa-Lobos

Christian Mattick Flute
Thomas Etschmann Guitar

GEN 22765  –  4.2.2022

CD album cover 'Heinz Rögner (1929–2001)' (GEN 22742) with MDR-Sinfonieorchester

Heinz Rögner (1929–2001)

Works by Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Beethoven, Schubert, Reger, Ravel, Bruckner and Gershwin

4 CD Box


GEN 22742  –  7.1.2022

CD album cover 'Dessiner les passions' (GEN 22768) with Andreas Gilger

Dessiner les passions

Harpsichord Works of the Grand Siècle by D’Anglebert, Du Mont, Geoffroy, de Chambonnières, Couperin

Andreas Gilger Harpsichord

GEN 22768  –  7.1.2022

CD album cover 'Auf dem Weg – In Transit' (GEN 22763) with Eva-Christina Schönweiß, Kirsten Ecke

Auf dem Weg – In Transit

Works by Ryterband, Ravel, Rajna, Khayam, Damase, Piazzolla and Massenet

Eva-Christina Schönweiß Violin
Kirsten Ecke Harp

GEN 22763  –  7.1.2022

CD album cover 'Cloud Castle' (GEN 22764) with Sächsische Bläserphilharmonie, David Timm

Cloud Castle

Works by Jörg Mainka, Thorsten Wollmann and Stephan Hodel

Sächsische Bläserphilharmonie
David Timm Conductor

GEN 22764  –  7.1.2022