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Fabian Bloch is a voyager between musical worlds. And wherever he goes, his euphonium is always with him. He has played this instrument passionately since his childhood and graduated with distinction from the Bern University of the Arts and the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

The euphonium is not everything the versatile musician carries in his luggage: often an alphorn or wunderhorn joins him as well, with which he demonstrates his varied skills during concerts of the Duo GIOVIVO.

Bloch, who grew up in Wisen, Switzerland, performs as a soloist at home and abroad and is a sought-after extra player with the leading Swiss symphony orchestras on the euphonium and bass trumpet. With his ensembles Duo GIOVIVO, woodtli, bloch & schaub, and Euphorimba, he is constantly on the move and always on the lookout for new challenges.

His previous solo euphonium albums Drive and Spot on! have been highly praised by international critics – also for his affinity for new compositions, which push the boundaries of the instrument to the utmost. Bloch’s work as a composer rounds out his multifaceted career.

If Muriel Zeiter and Fabian Bloch had lived 300 years ago, they would certainly have been musicians in a commedia dellʼarte troupe. With their spirited playing, talent for improvisation, elegance, and wonderful sonority, the Duo GIOVIVO could easily have enchanted the Duke of Mantua himself.

The Duoʼs concept is already found in the name GIOVIVO: to present music to the audience in a lively way and full of joy. In addition to their main instruments, the piano and euphonium, the two professional musicians draw on a smorgasbord of sound sources. Sometimes they make use of a wunderhorn or a melodica, but also more conventional instruments such as the violin, alphorn, or flute.

Zeiter and Bloch set themselves no limits musically, as they effortlessly juggle elements from classical music and jazz and incorporate improvisations and experiments into their programs. What comes out is music that is full of surprises and unexpected twists yet always seems very organic.

Their first CD album Serendipity, released by GENUIN classics, was enthusiastically received by critics. The Duo GIOVIVO performs concerts in Switzerland and throughout Europe.

Picture: Tobias Epp

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