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New Releases

May 2024
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forwardCD album cover 'Bornkamp & Friends Play Henri Sauguet' (GEN 24871) with Arno Bornkamp, Leo van Doeselaar, jongNBE

Bornkamp & Friends Play Henri Sauguet

Saxophone compositions by the 20th-century French composer Henri Sauguet

Arno Bornkamp Saxophone
Leo van Doeselaar Organ, Piano

GEN 24871  –  3.5.2024

forwardCD album cover 'Natures' (GEN 24868) with David Chaillou, Christophe Pantillon, Aron Quartett ...


The second monographic album of French composer David Chaillou inkl. world premiere recordings

David Chaillou Composer
Christophe Pantillon Cello
Aron Quartett
Morgan Laplace Mermoud Percussion
Pierre Tomassi Percussion
Laura Mikkola Piano

GEN 24868  –  3.5.2024

forwardCD album cover 'Dream and Trauma' (GEN 24870) with Endri Nini, Friederike Starkloff

Dream and Trauma

Works by Schulhoff, Debussy, Janácek and Antheil of an era characterized by tumultuous innovation and pioneering spirit

Endri Nini Piano
Friederike Starkloff Violin

GEN 24870  –  3.5.2024

forwardCD album cover 'Tchaikovsky's Testament' (GEN 24880) with Evgenia Rubinova

Tchaikovsky's Testament

Tchaikovsky's final complete opus for piano as complete cycle of 18 Pieces op. 72

Evgenia Rubinova Piano

GEN 24880  –  3.5.2024