The GENUIN Catalog – 2024

CD album cover 'Préludes: Anticipation' (GEN 24858) with Elizaveta Don

Préludes: Anticipation

Elizaveta Don's debut album dedicated to the preludes of Debussy, Shostakovich and Martin

Elizaveta Don Piano

Release in July 2024

GEN 24858  –  5.7.2024

CD album cover 'Verum Gaudium' (GEN 24877) with Consort Ripieno Concertino, Matthias Müller-Zhang, Yan Zhang ...

Verum Gaudium

Compilation of early Baroque works for (inner) joy by J. L. Bach, G. F. Händel, J.-M. Leclair, G. Sammartini, A. Vivaldi and J. S. Bach

Consort Ripieno Concertino
Matthias Müller-Zhang Violin
Yan Zhang Violin
Gül Pluhar Viola
Mikhail Nemtsov Cello
Christian Junger
Matthias Roth Harpsichord, Organ

Release in July 2024

GEN 24877  –  5.7.2024

CD album cover 'East-West-Central-South' (GEN 24888) with Jan Gerdes


Contemporary African piano music by six African composers

Jan Gerdes Piano

Release in July 2024

GEN 24888  –  5.7.2024

CD album cover 'Manifesto on Love' (GEN 24878) with Barbican Quartet

Manifesto on Love

The Winner of the ARD Music Competition 2022 present their debut album

Barbican Quartet String quartet

GEN 24878  –  7.6.2024

CD album cover 'Brilliants' (GEN 24860) with Johannes Obermeier


Debut album of the promising young pianist who was awarded the Carl Bechstein Special Prize at ARD Music Competition 2022

Johannes Obermeier Piano

GEN 24860  –  7.6.2024

CD album cover 'Piano Works by Zhu Jian'er' (GEN 24866) with Yashuangzi Xie

Piano Works by Zhu Jian'er

The piano works by Zhu Jian'er represent the first generation of Chinese composers

Yashuangzi Xie Piano

GEN 24866  –  7.6.2024

CD album cover 'BACH – Echoes of Eternity' (GEN 24875) with Guoda Gedvilaite

BACH – Echoes of Eternity

The album ranges between Bach's original compositions, his arrangements by other composers and works by his contemporary Scarlatti

Guoda Gedvilaite Piano, Harpsichord

GEN 24875  –  7.6.2024

CD album cover 'Bornkamp & Friends Play Henri Sauguet' (GEN 24871) with Arno Bornkamp, Leo van Doeselaar, jongNBE

Bornkamp & Friends Play Henri Sauguet

Saxophone compositions by the 20th-century French composer Henri Sauguet

Arno Bornkamp Saxophone
Leo van Doeselaar Organ, Piano

GEN 24871  –  3.5.2024

CD album cover 'Natures' (GEN 24868) with David Chaillou, Christophe Pantillon, Aron Quartett ...


The second monographic album of French composer David Chaillou inkl. world premiere recordings

David Chaillou Composer
Christophe Pantillon Cello
Aron Quartett
Morgan Laplace Mermoud Percussion
Pierre Tomassi Percussion
Laura Mikkola Piano

GEN 24868  –  3.5.2024

CD album cover 'Dream and Trauma' (GEN 24870) with Endri Nini, Friederike Starkloff

Dream and Trauma

Works by Schulhoff, Debussy, Janácek and Antheil of an era characterized by tumultuous innovation and pioneering spirit

Endri Nini Piano
Friederike Starkloff Violin

GEN 24870  –  3.5.2024

CD album cover 'Tchaikovsky's Testament' (GEN 24880) with Evgenia Rubinova

Tchaikovsky's Testament

Tchaikovsky's final complete opus for piano as complete cycle of 18 Pieces op. 72

Evgenia Rubinova Piano

GEN 24880  –  3.5.2024

CD album cover 'Postscriptum' (GEN 24861) with Marie Rosa Günter, Stanislas Emanuel Kim, Leonid  Gorokhov


Musical search for traces in the cosmopolitan city St. Petersburg, with world premiere recording (2 CDs)

Marie Rosa Günter Piano
Stanislas Emanuel Kim Cello
Leonid Gorokhov Cello

GEN 24861  –  5.4.2024

CD album cover 'Fanny Hensel - Das Jahr (The Year)' (GEN 24872) with Sophia Weidemann, Tinka Kleffner

Fanny Hensel - Das Jahr (The Year)

A Musical-Literary Encounter

Sophia Weidemann
Tinka Kleffner Narrator

GEN 24872  –  5.4.2024

CD album cover 'François Couperin – Concerts' (GEN 24873) with Emanuel Abbühl, Benoît Fallai, Carla Sanfelix ...

François Couperin – Concerts

The most beautiful concertos by François Couperin for oboe, oboe d'amore, cor anglais and basso continuo

Emanuel Abbühl Oboe
Benoît Fallai Lute, Theorbo, Guitar
Carla Sanfelix Baroque Cello
Miklós Spányi Harpsichord
David Tomàs Bassoon

GEN 24873  –  5.4.2024

CD album cover 'Filigrane' (GEN 24867) with Adriana von Franqué


Debut album with piano works from Parisian composers between Romanticism and Modernism

Adriana von Franqué Piano

GEN 24867  –  1.3.2024

CD album cover 'Per aspera ad astra' (GEN 24852) with Andrey  Denisenko

Per aspera ad astra

Debut album with piano works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Johannes Brahms and Robert Schumann

Andrey Denisenko Piano

GEN 24852  –  1.3.2024

CD album cover 'The Kreutzbach Organs' (GEN 24862) with Gregor Meyer

The Kreutzbach Organs

Gregor Meyer's organ debut devoted to the Kreutzbach family of organ builders

Gregor Meyer Organ

GEN 24862  –  1.3.2024

CD album cover 'Orchestral Works by Antonín Dvorák' (GEN 24853) with Philharmonie Südwestfalen, Nabil Shehata

Orchestral Works by Antonín Dvorák

Double CD focusing on Dvorák's orchestral works (2 CDs)

Philharmonie Südwestfalen
Nabil Shehata Conductor

GEN 24853  –  1.3.2024

CD album cover 'Ninghe, Ninghe' (GEN 24825d) with Duo Ausma

Ninghe, Ninghe

Lieder arrangements for guitar and mezzo-soprano by Montsalvatge, de Falla and Schubert

Duo Ausma Vocal, Guitar

** digital release **

GEN 24825d  –  1.3.2024

CD album cover 'Until Night Falls' (GEN 24828) with Eva Barta

Until Night Falls

Works by Debussy, Chopin, Bartók, Schönberg, Sibelius, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff, Brahms and Weill

Eva Barta Piano

GEN 24828  –  2.2.2024

CD album cover 'Mozart Symphonies III' (GEN 24864) with Folkwang Kammerorchester Essen, Johannes Klumpp

Mozart Symphonies III

Works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Folkwang Kammerorchester Essen
Johannes Klumpp Conductor

GEN 24864  –  2.2.2024

CD album cover 'Elements' (GEN 24857) with Kölner Vokalsolisten


Works by Clemens non Papa, di Lasso, Morley, Byrd, Gesualdo, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Reger, Heucke, Ostrzyga, Mažuliene and Marconi

Kölner Vokalsolisten A cappella

GEN 24857  –  2.2.2024

CD album cover 'Opus summum viri summi' (GEN 24869) with Kerstin Straßburg, Jürgen Appell

Opus summum viri summi

Mozart: Requiem KV 626 Piano Version for four Hands by Carl Czerny

Kerstin Straßburg Piano
Jürgen Appell Piano

GEN 24869  –  2.2.2024

CD album cover 'Bach - Through Time and Sound' (GEN 24876d) with Guoda Gedvilaite

Bach - Through Time and Sound

Works by Bach, Marcello, Pachelbel and Scarlatti

Guoda Gedvilaite Piano, Harpsichord

** digital release **

GEN 24876d  –  2.2.2024

CD album cover 'Von Sehnsucht und Leidenschaft' (GEN 24856) with Lyuta Kobayashi, Julian Emanuel Becker

Von Sehnsucht und Leidenschaft

Works by Brahms, Widmann, Schumann und Eisel

Lyuta Kobayashi Clarinet
Julian Emanuel Becker Piano

GEN 24856  –  5.1.2024

CD album cover 'METAMORPHOSIS' (GEN 24855) with Duo Amabile


Works by René Kuwan, Edward Elgar, Michaela Rea Catranis und Martín Donoso Vera

Duo Amabile Clarinet, Accordion

GEN 24855  –  5.1.2024

CD album cover 'From Home with Love' (GEN 24859) with Katja Zakotnik, Naila Alvarenga-Lahmann

From Home with Love

Works by composers from Brazil, Slovenia and Germany

Katja Zakotnik cello
Naila Alvarenga-Lahmann Piano

GEN 24859  –  5.1.2024

CD album cover 'Le ciel d'or' (GEN 24865d) with Takuhiro Murayama

Le ciel d'or

Werke von Bach, Debussy und Chopin

Takuhiro Murayama piano

** digital release **

GEN 24865d  –  5.1.2024