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Sillescu represents a new generation of composers who have found a major area of activity in the booming video game market. Going nearly unnoticed, he and his colleagues have perfected their craft over the past few years. Now the guild is facing its last big step: from mere entertainment to an independent art form. – ZEIT Online

Tilman Sillescu (born in Frankfurt/Main on May 13, 1969) is a German com poser who has become known internationally particularly for his symphonic soundtracks for video games and Films. During his studies of classical music at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, he took classes in composition under Claus Kühnl and Gerhard Fischer-Münster. He later earned his Diplom degree in Jazz and pop music at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts.

In 1999, he began teaching at the University of Mainz on the subject of music production for those completing a Bachelor of Musical Arts. This came to an abrupt end two years later when he chose to devote all of his time to composing. Since 2001 he has composed a large amount of orchestral music, primarily for inter national video games and Films, including for the large Anno video game franchise, the video game Age of Empires 4 and for the movie trailer for the Hollywood lm The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug.

Sillescu’s music has already been performed in many orchestral concerts, for example on the occasion of the 10th Filmmusiktage Sachsen Anhalt, for the Gaming Sounds of the WDR Funkhaus Orchestra, at the Symphonic Game Music Concert in the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, at Play! A Video Game Symphony concert (Stockholm) as well as at the Let’s play! summer open air with the Bielefeld Philharmonic Orchestra.

In 2007, his orchestral piece Titan from the video game Paraworld won the interna tional G.A.N.G. Award in San Francisco. Other international prizes include the International Film Music Festival Gold Spirit 2013 Award, the European Games Award and several times the German Developer Innovation Prize (Best Soundtrack).

In general I always try to construct the composition process as naturally as possible in order to let there be as much room as possible for pure inspiration. To create from my own inner resources and to bring a little good music into being, which wouldn’t have existed without me – I like this idea very much and it spurs me on. – Tilman Sillescu

Photography: Benedikt Huster

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CD album cover 'NACHTLICHTER ' (GEN 22788) with Tilman Sillescu, Christian Klaus Frank


Sinfonie Nr. 1 von Tilman Sillescu

Tilman Sillescu Composer
Christian Klaus Frank Conductor

GEN 22788  –  1.4.2022