Orgelduo Marion Krall & Lars Schwarze

Artist photo of Orgelduo Marion Krall & Lars Schwarze

Marion Krall and Lars Schwarze have dedicated themselves to literature for organ four hands and feet since 2015. Their focus is on their own transcriptions of orchestral works. In 2020, the duo received its own radio production from SWR in the series #zusammenspielen and is one of the ensembles selected for the Klangspektrum BW.

Marion Krall, who grew up in Baden, studied church music at the Lübeck Academy of Music and organ with Arvid Gast. As part of the Erasmus program, she spent a year at the Pôle supérieur in Paris in 2014–2015 in the organ class of Christophe Mantoux. Her master’s degree in Protestant church music took her to the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, where she has supplemented her education with artistic organ studies with Bernhard Haas until 2021.

From 2015 to 2017, Marion Krall served as assistant organist to Arvid Gast on the historic organs at St. Jakobi in Lübeck. From September 2019 to September 2020, she completed an internship year at the St. Lukas Kulturkirche in Munich, where among other things she helped create online formats developed during the pandemic. Since February 2021, she has held the secondary cantor position at the Christuskirche Mannheim, whose rich music program is renowned throughout Germany.

Lars Schwarze from Alfeld (Leine) studied church music and concert organ at the Lübeck Academy of Music in the class of Arvid Gast and graduated with top marks. While studying, he was a church music assistant to Arvid Gast from 2016–2019 and played regularly on the historic organs of St. Jakobi in Lübeck. At the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart, he completed his A-Levels in church music with Jörg Halubek and Jürgen Essl and is currently studying in the postgraduate degree program on the organ (Nathan Laube) as well as Maestro al Cembalo (Jörg Halubek).

In addition to his studies, Lars Schwarze serves as cantor at the Gaisburg Church in Stuttgart and the Gaisburg Concert Series director. During a one-year program abroad, he studied organ with David Titterington at the renowned Royal Academy of Music in London, where he was awarded the Margaret and Sydney Lovett Prize.

Lars Schwarze is also a prizewinner of the 5th International Buxtehude Organ Competition, the 8th International Hermann Schröder Competition, and the Possehl Music Prize. He was awarded a 2nd prize and the Federal President’s Award at the 2019 Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Conservatory Competition in Berlin.

In addition to a busy concert schedule as an organist, he is also active as a composer, receiving commissions for the Nordic Film Days, the World Heritage Site Fagus-Factory in Alfeld (Lower Saxony), and Temple Church in London.

Picture: Luis Vidal

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with Orgelduo Marion Krall & Lars Schwarze

CD album cover 'Magic Music Box' (GEN 22799) with Orgelduo Marion Krall & Lars Schwarze

Magic Music Box

Werke von Ravel, Dukas, Elgar, Stravinsky und Danksagmüller

Orgelduo Marion Krall & Lars Schwarze

GEN 22799  –  2.9.2022