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Moscow-born pianist Viacheslav Apostel-Pankratowsky received intensive musical training from an early age. At the age of ten he appeared regularly at regional competitions and performed numerous concerts. As part of his studies at Moscow’s Gnessin Institute, Apostel-Pankratowsky obtained degrees as a pianist, chamber musician, piano teacher, and répétiteur.

His teachers included well-known artists such as Naum Shtarkman and Vera Nosina. While still a student he regularly took part in national and international competitions and performed solo and chamber music concerts in Russia, Ukraine, Italy, and Portugal. In 2006, Apostel-Pankratowsky passed the entrance exams for postgraduate piano studies at the University of Music and Theater “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy” in Leipzig, where he studied in the class of Christoph Taubert.

From 2008 to 2013, he then studied to become a teacher at the University of Music “Franz Liszt” Weimar. This time was also characterized by a wide variety of artistic activities. As a répétiteur and pianist, he took part in Ludger Vollmer’s opera project Schiller's Robbers – Rap'n Breakdance Opera and served as a piano teacher and solo répétiteur at several music and art schools. During this time he also held a teaching position at the University of Music in Weimar.

To round off his training in keyboard instruments, Apostel-Pankratowsky acquired an additional teaching qualification on the organ. His debut CD Impromptus, Songs and Consolations was released in 2020 and featured works by Franz Schubert and Franz Liszt.

In PIANO News magazine it received the following review: “In his interpretation they are ‘songs without words’: the whole articulation aims at the ‘narrative,’ at a ballad-like tone. In the process the pianist (like a gifted song interpreter) manages to do without exaggerated theatrics. He succeeds wonderfully in teasing out inner melodies …” And in MusicWeb International (July 2020): “Apostel-Pankratowsky plays the [...] Impromptus [...] with considerable skill and empathy for the music.”

Viacheslav Apostel-Pankratowsky works as a piano teacher and répétiteur. In addition to his teaching activities, he regularly performs concerts.

Photography: Kirsten Nijhof

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CDs released by GENUIN

with Viacheslav Apostel-Pankratowsky

CD album cover 'Poetic Narratives' (GEN 22558) with Viacheslav Apostel-Pankratowsky

Poetic Narratives

Werke von Frédéric Chopin

Viacheslav Apostel-Pankratowsky Piano

GEN 22558  –  3.6.2022

CD album cover 'Impromptus, Songs and Consolations' (GEN 20556) with Viacheslav Apostel-Pankratowsky

Impromptus, Songs and Consolations

Werke von Franz Schubert und Franz Liszt

Viacheslav Apostel-Pankratowsky Piano

GEN 20556  –  10.1.2020