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New Releases

June 2024
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forwardCD album cover 'Manifesto on Love' (GEN 24878) with Barbican Quartet

Manifesto on Love

The Winner of the ARD Music Competition 2022 present their debut album

Barbican Quartet String quartet

GEN 24878  –  7.6.2024

forwardCD album cover 'Brilliants' (GEN 24860) with Johannes Obermeier


Debut album of the promising young pianist who was awarded the Carl Bechstein Special Prize at ARD Music Competition 2022

Johannes Obermeier Piano

GEN 24860  –  7.6.2024

forwardCD album cover 'Piano Works by Zhu Jian'er' (GEN 24866) with Yashuangzi Xie

Piano Works by Zhu Jian'er

The piano works by Zhu Jian'er represent the first generation of Chinese composers

Yashuangzi Xie Piano

GEN 24866  –  7.6.2024

forwardCD album cover 'BACH – Echoes of Eternity' (GEN 24875) with Guoda Gedvilaite

BACH – Echoes of Eternity

The album ranges between Bach's original compositions, his arrangements by other composers and works by his contemporary Scarlatti

Guoda Gedvilaite Piano, Harpsichord

GEN 24875  –  7.6.2024