Sabrina Ma

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Sabrina Ma (*1985) is a Berlin-based percussionist from Hong Kong. Currently, her work can be divided into two main areas: solo and collaboration. As a soloist she focuses on contextualising her repertoire of modern classics and developing exciting recitals, which at the moment is her favourite concert format. As a collaborator she commissions new works and arrangements from some of today’s most interesting composers, teams up with the best musicians in town (as she did for her debut album Playtime!) and cooperates with artists from other fields. Sabrina Ma completed her Bachelor of Music degree under Prof. Michael Udow in Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA) and her Masters under Prof. Isao Nakamura at the Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe. She also studied privately with the world-class jazz vibraphone/marimba player David Friedman. So far Sabrina Ma has performed as a soloist and chamber musician on four continents and at more than 15 international festivals.

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CDs released by GENUIN

with Sabrina Ma

CD album cover 'Playtime!' (GEN 15361) with Sabrina Ma


Werke von Bongartz, Reich, Willow, Ferneyhough, Schöwer und López López

Sabrina Ma Percussion

GEN 15361  –  6.11.2015

CD album cover 'In Good Company / Rubén Durá de Lamo - Tuba' (GEN 15336) with Rubén Durá de Lamo ...

In Good Company / Rubén Durá de Lamo - Tuba

Werke von C. Danielsson, A. Russell, H. Tomasi, W. Penn, M. Gaathaug

Rubén Durá de Lamo Tuba
Ensemble Schwerpunkt
Yuval Wolfson Bass trombone
Kervin Guarapana Horn
Weimarer Bläserquintett
Trombone Unit Hannover Trombone Ensemble
Sabrina Ma Percussion

GEN 15336  –  7.1.2015