Rubén Durá de Lamo

Artist photo of Rubén Durá de Lamo - Tuba

Rubén Durá de Lamo was born in Petrer, Spain, in 1986 and began to play tuba at the age of 14. Starting in 2007, he continued his studies in Germany, where he completed his degree at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media under Prof. Jens Björn-Larsen in 2013. As a soloist he won first prize at the German Music Competition in 2013, and has also won prizes at competitions such at the eighth Aelous International Competition for Wind Instruments, the International Instrumental Competition in Markneukirchen in 2012 and the University Competition in Lübeck in 2011. As a chamber musician, together with “Ensemble Schwerpunkt” he won First Prize at both the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy University Competition in Berlin in 2011 and the Jan Koetsier Competition in Munich in 2012. Rubén Durá de Lamo’s versatile interests as a tuba player and musician are reflected in his wide range of activities. These include not only solo performances with various orchestras such as the Stuttgart Philharmonic and the Düsseldorf Symphony, but also as a chamber music partner throughout Germany with the Omega Trio and Ensemble Twobiano as part of the 58th nationwide series of Young Artists’ Concerts (Bundesauswahl Konzerte Junger Künstler). Rubén Durá has appeared in many performances of New Music with Ensemble Modern, which was founded in 1980. As an orchestra musician he makes regular guest appearances with orchestras such as the NDR Radio Symphony Orchestra Hanover, the Göttingen Symphony Orchestra and the Dortmund Philharmonic.

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with Rubén Durá de Lamo

CD album cover 'In Good Company / Rubén Durá de Lamo - Tuba' (GEN 15336) with Rubén Durá de Lamo ...

In Good Company / Rubén Durá de Lamo - Tuba

Werke von C. Danielsson, A. Russell, H. Tomasi, W. Penn, M. Gaathaug

Rubén Durá de Lamo Tuba
Ensemble Schwerpunkt
Yuval Wolfson Bass trombone
Kervin Guarapana Horn
Weimarer Bläserquintett
Trombone Unit Hannover Trombone Ensemble
Sabrina Ma Percussion

GEN 15336  –  7.1.2015