Ludger Rémy

Artist photo of Ludger Rémy - Harpsichord

Ludger Rémy, whose passions include historical research, 17th and 18th century literature, and music from the Enlightenment, studied harpsichord in Freiburg (Breisgau). Further private study with Kenneth Gilbert took him to Paris. He is Professor of Early Music at Dresden's "Carl Maria von Weber" Hochschule für Musik. His active concert career as harpsichordist, forte-pianist, and conductor has seen him perform throughout Europe. Last but not least, he is well-known for the wide range of radio broadcasts and CD recordings he has made. His discography is rich in composers such as Stölzel, Schuster, and Seckendorff and also prominently features the works of Bach, Telemann, Handel, and Schubert. Ludger Rémy is renowned internationally as one of the leading conductors involved in the revival and rediscovery of early German music. Between 1995 and 2010 he was a juror at the prestigious international harpsichord and forte-piano competition held on the occasion of the Festival van Vlaanderen in Bruges. Rémy's other interests ranges from chamber music and Lieder all the way to works from the Romantic period. He is a firm believer in Mattheson's call for musicians to combine theory and practice. As harpsichordist and conductor he has received many international awards including the Cannes Classical Award, the German Record Critics' Award, and the Gramophone Special Edition Award 2003. Ludger Rémy plays a J. C. Neupert instrument, a copy of a Hemsch harpsichord.

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