Hans-Udo Heinzmann

Artist photo of Hans-Udo Heinzmann - flute

Born in 1947, Hans-Udo Heinzmann received his first musical training with the famous Regensburger Domspatzen. After completing secondary school, he obtained a Solo Flute performance degree at the Munich Musikhochschule and studied with Peter-Lukas Graf in Basle and Sion, Switzerland.

Since 1970 he has performed with orchestras in Augsburg and Munich, at the Frankfurt State Opera, and with the Deutsche Oper Berlin. In 1982 he became a flautist with the NDR Radio Symphony Orchestra in Hamburg. For decades now Hans-Udo Heinzmann has been in demand as a soloist and chamber music partner.

His performing career has included appearances at such important festivals as the Flanders Festival, the Hamburger Musikfest, the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, the Salzburg Festival, the Bayreuth Festival, and the Edinburgh International Festival, as well as concert tours in Europe, South America and Japan, Korea and China. He has founded several ensembles and has championed the performance of New Music. Numerous radio and TV productions and CD recordings including releases with GENUIN classics document his artistic versatily.

As the initiator of a chamber music concert series with the NDR Symphony Orchestra he has repeatedly drawn attention to forgotten or ostracized composers. He remains actively involved in the programming and management of this concert series. His artistic experience and judgement are highly valued at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg, where he has been Professor for Flute for many years.

Hans-Udo Heinzmann is also involved in the technical development of the flute, and has become a sought-after specialist in flute making. In 1985 he and colleagues and friends founded the German Flute Society, to whose programming and organization he made a significant contribution for many years as a member of the board.

CDs released by GENUIN

with Hans-Udo Heinzmann

CD album cover 'La flûte enchantée' (GEN 14318) with Hans-Udo Heinzmann, Elisaveta Blumina

La flûte enchantée

Works by Claude Debussy, César Franck and Joseph Jongen

Hans-Udo Heinzmann flute
Elisaveta Blumina Piano

GEN 14318  –  5.9.2014

CD album cover 'Pierné . Gade . Prokofiev' (GEN 10173 ) with Elisaveta Blumina, Hans-Udo Heinzmann

Pierné . Gade . Prokofiev

Grand Sonatas for Flute

Elisaveta Blumina Piano
Hans-Udo Heinzmann flute

GEN 10173  –  23.4.2010

CD album cover 'Romantic Flute' (GEN 85517) with Hans-Udo Heinzmann, Elisaveta Blumina

Romantic Flute

Flötensonaten von Max Meyer-Olbersleben,
Julius Rietz und John Francis Barnett

Hans-Udo Heinzmann flute
Elisaveta Blumina Piano

GEN 85517  –  15.1.2006

CD album cover 'Between Times' (GMP 04502) with Hans-Udo Heinzmann, Jürgen Lamke

Between Times

Zwischen den Zeiten - Flötenmusik der Zwanziger Jahre
Werke von J.Lauber, F.Finke, S.Karg-Elert und P.Juon

Hans-Udo Heinzmann flute
Jürgen Lamke piano

GMP 04502  –  23.3.2004