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Artist photo of Trio 21meter60 - Tuba Ensemble

The ensemble Trio 21meter60 is prize winner of the OPUS Klassik 2022 in the category chamber music recording.

The three tubists of Trio 21meter60 founded their ensemble with its unusual name in 2016. Although the trio consisted of an unprecedented combination of instruments, the first recital season, which included 35 performances to thrilled audiences, was an outstanding success.

The young musicians have set themselves the goal of eliminating prejudices against their instrument and proving it is possible for three tubas to perform chamber music. The sky is the limit when it comes to the ensemble’s inventiveness: In its own arrangements, the ensemble exhausts the possibilities of the tuba in a repertoire going back 500 years. Placing the familiar in a new context, performing serious themes playfully, giving serious recitals with a twinkle in their eye—this fine balance is masterfully achieved by the tubists.

In addition to important cooperations with the Deutscher Musikrat, Buffet Crampon Group and the Deutsches Tubaforum e. V, the ensemble appears regularly at renowned festivals such as the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival or the Nieder-Mooser Konzertsommer. Trio 21meter60 strives to continuously expand the repertoire for three tubas through its own arrangements and commissioned works.

The press fully affirms the ensemble concept when they say: “Bravo, keep it up!”

Photo: Tobias Epp

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CDs released by GENUIN

with Trio 21meter60

CD album cover 'nothing but tuba' (GEN 21753) with Trio 21meter60

nothing but tuba

Werke von Monteverdi, Piazzolla,
Morricone, Schnyder und anderen

Trio 21meter60 Tuba Ensemble

GEN 21753  –  2.7.2021