Wolf Wiechert

Artist photo of Wolf Wiechert - Poet

Born in East Prussia, Wolf Wiechert is a writer and lives in Wertheim am Main. He already began to write poems during school, poems which he occasionally included in school assignments, which resulted in his teacher writing in the margin: Source?

Perhaps he had already guessed that these were sources, and still are to this day, in which the poet squeezes meaning out of blind reality, giving it eyes so that it learns to see and feel. Wolf Wiechert follows the clear dictum of Gottfried Benn: Poetry must either be extravagant or not exist at all.

After fleeing from East Germany Wiechert studied German philology and history in Heidelberg. Here he encountered with great pleasure his predecessor, Friedrich Hölderlin, and the springs he drew from: You gave the fugitive cool springs, gave him cooling shade…

Since then he has completed six volumes of poetry and five other prose works. Most recently, his retelling of Wolfram’s Parsifal and the poetry collection Guinnessgesang appeared in 2013, and in 2019 ROSA, a controlled speculation.

Wolf Wiechert has received several awards, including the Baden-Württemberg Prize for Poetry.

Picture: Christian Schwab

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