Karsten Gundermann

Artist photo of Karsten Gundermann - Composer

Karsten Gundermann (*1966) studied composition in Dresden, classical Chinese theater in Peking and scoring for film and theater at New York University. Exploring non-European music allowed Gundermann to approach the German folk art tradition in a new way. This resulted in several folk song arrangements and, most recently, the reconstructions of works from the Saxon Minnesang: Das Hohe Lob der Frau and Das Hohe Lob des Heiligen Kreuzes by Heinrich von Meissen.

In addition to experimental music, Gundermann dedicates himself extensively to classical compositional genres including instrumental concertos, symphonies, chamber operas, operas (The Watermelon Seeds, Faust 2) and oratorios (Chinese-German Book of Seasons and Hours, Luther and Erasmus). He is currently working on an opera about Beethoven and an oratorio about Paul’s letter to the Romans.

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