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The German-Egyptian pianist Karim Shehata, born in the Kuwait City, migrated to Germany at the age of five. Sine he was the son of a music teacher and grandson of a piano teacher, classical music was always an important part of his life. During his school days, his enthusiasm for music was expressed not only through playing the piano but also through his participation in two choirs and two orchestras. He received distinguished awards at the national competition “Jugend musiziert”. In addition to his activities as a soloist, he also regularly performs as a chamber music partner with his brother Nabil Shehata, among others. The last time he participated in a national level competition, he received the highest score given in the entire competition for piano accompaniment. Over the last few years, Karim Shehata has appeared in various festivals and concert series, including the “Reger Forum” in Bremen (2011), the “Klavierprojekt Schubert” in Bayreuth (2011), the concert series for contemporary classical music “Realtime” (2013) and the “Schwandorfer Klavierfrühling” (2016). After his classical piano training at the Musikschule Verden with Irmgard Heintzmann, he began studying piano at the “Hochschule für Musik und Theater” in Hannover under Martin Dörri and Einar Steen-Nøkleberg. Following his degree at the conservatory, he studied privately in the master class of international pianist Andrej Hoteev, a grand disciple of Heinrich Neuhaus. He concluded his studies with a postgraduate degree at the “Hochschule für Künste” in Bremen with Kurt Seibert and Hubert Rutkowski. Numerous master classes with, among others, Volker Banfield and David Wilde enriched his education.

Photo: Stephan Zwickirsch

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CDs released by GENUIN

with Karim Shehata

CD album cover 'Prélude' (GEN 19653) with Karim Shehata


Ausgewählte Klavierstücke von Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Debussy, Blumenfeld, Arensky, Feinberg und Anderen

Karim Shehata Piano

GEN 19653  –  5.4.2019

CD album cover 'Werke für Kontrabass und Klavier' (GEN 17448) with Nabil Shehata, Karim Shehata

Werke für Kontrabass und Klavier

von Brahms, Bruch, Glière und Kussewizki

Nabil Shehata Conductor
Karim Shehata Piano

GEN 17448  –  9.1.2017