Consortium Vocale

The Consortium Vocale was formed by Michael Gläser. He founded the chamber choir during his studies at the University of Music and Theater in Leipzig. After joining the Leipzig Radio Choir, he replaced the founding members from his time as a student with colleagues from this ensemble. Even then “The Capricious Trout” by Franz Schöggl was quite often part of the program. As the Central German Broadcasting (MDR) was planning the present “Musical Trout Menu”, the Consortium Vocale, which today still consists exclusively of singers from the MDR Radio Choir, was chosen.

The Laititia Quartet has yoked the Leipzig musicians Rudolf Konrad, Kathrin Pantzier, Dietrich Hagel and Günter Krause together since 1996. Born between 1953 and 1963, the “Laetitianer” completed their degrees at the University of Music and Theater in Leipzig and play old and new music with great joy and love concerning their performance practice. In the “Musical Trout Menu”, they serve as a salon orchestra in the “Forelle Blau” (Blue Trout).

As a member of the renowned Dresden Choirs, Wolfram Langner received his first musical training as a young boy. During his church music studies in his hometown, his first compositions were noticed/completed. His musical creation, however, remained dormant while studying voice in Berlin and Dresden. After several years as a member of the Leipzig Radio Choir and now the MDR Radio Choir, he has grown so much musically as to have created, in particular, choral gems.

The “Musical Trout Menu” contrasts both of the original compositions by Franz Schubert with arrangements. Franz Schöggl’s “Launige Forelle” (The Capricious Trout) forms the choral first half and the final half consists of the “Neue Launige Frorelle” (The New Capricious Trout) by Wolfram Langner.

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