Anke Dennert

Artist photo of Anke Dennert - Harpsichord

Anke Dennert, the renowned specialist for historical keyboard instruments, studied with Robert Kohnen in Brussels and Andreas Staier in Cologne, as well as with Gisela Gumz in Hamburg for the concert exam on the harpsichord and clavichord. Since then, she has made regular appearances as a continuo player and soloist with the Hamburger Ratsmusik, La Porta Musicale, Ensemble Obligat, and baroque orchestras in Europe and the USA.

CD recordings for GENUIN on original instruments from Hamburg museums attest to her particular interest as a soloist for North German masters. The musician devotes herself to the revival of forgotten works, especially those by women composers. Anke Dennert teaches historical keyboard instruments and basso continuo at the Hamburg Conservatory.

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CDs released by GENUIN

with Anke Dennert

CD album cover 'The Hitchcock Spinet' (GEN 20696) with The Hitchcock Trio, Anke Dennert, Gabriele Steinfeld ...

The Hitchcock Spinet

Werke von Abel, Burney, Geminiani, Loeillet, Mattheson und Telemann

The Hitchcock Trio
Anke Dennert Harpsichord
Gabriele Steinfeld Violin
Simone Eckert Viola da gamba

GEN 20696  –  4.9.2020

CD album cover 'Klingende Hamburgensien' (GEN 17462) with La Porta Musicale, Gabriele Steinfeld, Anke Dennert

Klingende Hamburgensien

Werke von Johann Schop, Georg Philipp Telemann, Thomas Baltzar und Matthias Weckmann

La Porta Musicale
Gabriele Steinfeld Violin
Anke Dennert Harpsichord

GEN 17462  –  3.3.2017

CD album cover 'Scherzando' (GEN 16411) with Anke Dennert


VI Ouverturen nebst zween Folgesätzen von Georg Philipp Telemann

Anke Dennert Harpsichord

GEN 16411  –  5.2.2016