Banda Sinfónica Juventil Simón Bolívar

Artist photo of Banda Sinfónica Juventil Simón Bolívar - Symphonic Wind Ensemble of El Sistema

The Simon Bolívar Youth Symphony Band (SBYSB) was formed in 2005 by the initiative of Jesús Ignacio Pérez Perazzo and Valdemar Rodríguez, who saw the need to establish a permanent ensemble made up of El Sistema’s wind instrumentalists, giving their first formal concert in February 2006. It is the first and most important ensemble with this particular format (wood winds, brass, percussion, cellos and double basses) that is part of the Academic Program of the National System of Youth and Children Orchestras of Venezuela. Their musicians are throughout Latin America, with ages between 12 and 30 years old. The National System of Youth and Children Orchestras and Choirs of Venezuela is a proved model of a music education program that can create great musicians and dramatically change the lives of thousands of poor children in a country. It is a social work of the Venezuelan State founded by José Antonio Abreu to systematize instruction and collective practice of music through symphony orchestra and choir as instruments of social and community development organization. Its musical education emphasizes intensive group practice from the earliest ages, and the commitment to keep in mind the joy and fun that result in learning and creating music. The Simon Bolivar Youth Symphony Band since its foundation has developed a remarkable growth, in various cultural venues, performing musical works of various genres characterized by adaptations of orchestral repertoire, contemporary works written specifically for symphony band, chamber music, jazz, popular music, sacred music, soundtracks, among others, demonstrating the musical versatility that characterizes the group. In December 2006, through the Shell de Venezuela sponsorship, they recorded CD titled “Música del Templo y de la Plaza”, to promote the musical culture in the country, the community approach to the traditions and the diffusion of national values. They have performed with a wide range of guest maestros, conductors and soloists as: Sadao Muraki and Geraldine Méndez, Biella Da Costa and Rafael "El Pollo" Brito, Jorge Montilla, Gaudy Sánchez, Andrés Eloy Rodríguez, Miguel Sánchez, Juan José Munera, and Eddy Vanoosthuyse. As well as these guest conductors: Eduardo Salazar, Carlos Andrés Mejías, Daniel Hurtado, Régulo Stabilito, Jan Van der Roost, Thomas Clamor, Jonathan Cohler, and António Saiote. Jesús Ignacio Pérez Perazzo, artistic director began a new stage in the structure of the band, in which the young conductor Sergio Rosales, assumed the group leadership. In 2010 they did a concert tour by western Venezuela, visiting cities such as San Felipe, Barquisimeto, Maracay, and Valencia. In that same year they performed with international maestros as Tim Reynish, António Saiote, Johan de Meij, and Eddy Vanoosthuyse. In 2011 they began with activities by the renowned Spanish composer Ferrer Ferran. In April 2012 they recorded their second CD for GENUIN, conducted by Thomas Clamor. In early June of the same year they made their his international debut in several cities of Colombia with a major tour with a highlighted opening concert at the Third International Music Bands Congress in Medellín and an excellent participation in the Léon de Greiff Auditorium of the National University of Colombia in Bogotá, getting internationally renowned maestros recognition, as Frank de Vuyst and Mexican composer Arturo Márquez.

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CDs released by GENUIN

with Banda Sinfónica Juventil Simón Bolívar

CD album cover 'Mambos y Fanfarria!' (GEN 13260) with Banda Sinfónica Juventil Simón Bolívar, Thomas Clamor

Mambos y Fanfarria!

Werke von Giancarlo Castro D´Addona, Pérez Prado, Alberto Ginastera, Maurice Ravel, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy und Modest Mussorgski

Banda Sinfónica Juventil Simón Bolívar Symphonic Wind Ensemble of El Sistema
Thomas Clamor Conductor

GEN 13260  –  2.1.2013