Piano Duo Danhel-Kolb

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Prague-born Romana Danhel-Kolb and Oliver Kolb from Darmstadt both studied the piano at the Frankfurt am Main College of Music and the Darmstadt Academy of Music, getting to know each other while doing additional studies in the piano class of Prof. Grigory Gruzman.
They have pursued their enthusiasm for performing together since 2005 and have specialized in playing music for four hands on a single piano. Reviewers have often remarked on the special qualities of their interaction and their piano tone, which is as balanced as chamber music:
"The Danhel-Kolb Duo showed how wide-ranging duet playing can be... their playing was spirited, with a sense of tonal subtleties and a flair for the precise coordination of four hands.“
The Danhel-Kolb Piano Duo has performed in Germany, Switzerland, France and the Czech Republic. Their extensive repertoire includes works of all eras. They also take an interest in completely unknown works.
At their initiative, Schott Music Panton will in 2012 publish the premiere edition of the Variations sur le thème de Pergolesi by Ilja Hurník.

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CDs released by GENUIN

with Piano Duo Danhel-Kolb

CD album cover 'Grande Sonate' (GEN 13286) with Piano Duo Danhel-Kolb

Grande Sonate

Werke von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Baptist Cramer und George Onslow

Piano Duo Danhel-Kolb

GEN 13286  –  1.9.2013

CD album cover 'Slawische Tänze' (GEN 12237) with Piano Duo Danhel-Kolb

Slawische Tänze

Tschechische Musik von Dvorák, Fibich, Schulhoff und Hurník

Piano Duo Danhel-Kolb

GEN 12237  –  23.3.2012