Sebastian Knebel

From apprentice craftsman (organ builder) to being high in demand as a specialist in the organ and harpsichord literature of the 17th and 18th centuries from Central Germany—this is how Sebastian Knebel’s career can be summarized. Sebastian Knebel’s many appearances as a recital and concert soloist have established his name as a harpsichordist, organist, and pianoforte player.

He is organist and harpsichordist of Collegium Marianum Prague, Cappella Sagittariana Dresden and with the Telemannisches Collegium Michaelstein.

CDs released by GENUIN

with Sebastian Knebel

CD album cover 'Johann Graf' (GEN 21738) with Anne Schumann, Klaus Voigt, Sebastian Knebel

Johann Graf

Sonaten für Violine und Basso continuo

Anne Schumann Violine
Klaus Voigt Viola da Spalla
Sebastian Knebel Harpsichord

GEN 21738  –  7.5.2021

CD album cover 'Musik für Viola d’amore' (GEN 10183 ) with Anne Schumann, Klaus Voigt, Alison McGillivray ...

Musik für Viola d’amore

Franz S. Schuchbauer, Johann P. Guzinger,
Christian Pezold, Wilhelm Ganspeck

Anne Schumann Violine
Klaus Voigt Viola da Spalla
Alison McGillivray Violoncello
Petra Burmann Theorbo/Baroque guitar
Sebastian Knebel Harpsichord

GEN 10183  –  22.10.2010