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jongNBE is an initiative by the NBE (Netherlands Blazers Ensemble), aimed at coaching and educating young, talented musicians from Dutch conservatories. Over a span of two years, ten musicians, whether they have already graduated or are still in the midst of their studies, have the opportunity to participate. During this period, they receive guidance from experienced musicians from the NBE.

Being a part of jongNBE provides young musicians with an incredible journey into ensemble playing, programming, and performance. Moreover, jongNBE serves as the incubator for future talent within the NBE.

CDs released by GENUIN

with jongNBE

CD album cover 'Bornkamp & Friends Play Henri Sauguet' (GEN 24871) with Arno Bornkamp, Leo van Doeselaar, jongNBE

Bornkamp & Friends Play Henri Sauguet

Kompositionen für Saxophon des französischen Komponisten Henri Sauguet

Arno Bornkamp Saxophone
Leo van Doeselaar Organ, Piano

GEN 24871  –  3.5.2024