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Artist photo of Duo Ausma - Vocal, Guitar

In 2018, mezzo-soprano Vizma Zvaigzne and guitarist Theduardo Prasetyo meet at the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin: Theduardo is looking for a chamber music partner and Vizma answers his ad. He is surprised that a singer, and not a pianist, comes forward - after all, there is much more musical repertoire for these constellations.

The two quickly realize that this is the case: there is no sheet music for the Cinco canciones negras by Xavier Montsalvatge for their instrumentation, but as curiosity about the work prevails, Theduardo arranges the five songs himself without further ado. This arrangement marked the beginning of the AUSMA duo's collaboration, which quickly developed into funding from the Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now association.

Together, Vizma and Theduardo develop various concert programs that invite the audience on perceptive journeys to different regions, countries and times.

The duo is particularly fond of the shimmering, folkloristic sound of Spanish music and the unique richness of Spanish poetry, which is little known in Germany. Together with director Vendula Nováková, they have created the interdisciplinary music theater evening NINGHE - canciones, historias, café & leche, which encourages the audience to discuss the complex themes of the songs performed. Songs from this program are collected on this album in addition to Schubert's sounds. Together, they create a journey that leads from Cuba, via Spain, to Austria, where the poetic excursion ends in a boat on "gently shimmering waves".

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with Duo Ausma

CD album cover 'Ninghe, Ninghe' (GEN 24825d) with Duo Ausma

Ninghe, Ninghe

Liedbearbeitungen für Gitarre und Mezzosopran von Montsalvatge, de Falla und Schubert

Duo Ausma Vocal, Guitar

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GEN 24825d  –  1.3.2024