Polina Spirina

Artist photo of Polina Spirina - Piano

Polina Spirina comes from St. Petersburg, where she benefited excellent musical training from her childhood. Parallel to her active pianistic career in Russia and Germany, she graduated from St. Petersburg State University with a doctorate on ontological principles of time conceptualization.

In addition to her busy scholarly and pedagogical activities, she fathoms the infinite depth of the musical world in her stage performances, trying to uncover the quintessence of music for herself and her audience. The artist sees music as a path that touches the soul and lends wings to develop and perfect one’s being.

Picture: Shell Eide Photography

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CDs released by GENUIN

with Polina Spirina

CD album cover 'Meine Seele weinte' (GEN 23817) with Natalya Boeva, Polina Spirina

Meine Seele weinte

Lieder von Karol Szymanowski, Alexander Labyrich, Franz Schubert, Dmitri Smirnow und Richard Strauss

Natalya Boeva Mezzosoprano
Polina Spirina Piano

GEN 23817  –  3.3.2023