A Look Behind the Scenes - Launch of the New Podcast of GENUIN

A Look Behind the Scenes - Launch of the New Podcast of GENUIN

In the new podcast "Aufnahme läuft!", GENUIN provides insights into the working process of music production and classical music label.

The first season shows the way to the CD release step by step: from the first telephone call with the musicians, through recording, the work of the booklet editors, to distribution. The podcast is moderated and produced by the music journalist Eva Morlang. She introduces the crew behind GENUIN: the founders, managing directors, sound engineers and editors.
You can find the podcast in German here on our website and on all the usual podcast apps such as Spotify & Deezer. If you have any questions about working in music production and classical label, please feel free to email us to podcast@genuin.de and we will try to answer them in the next episodes.

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In the first episode, the two founders and managing directors of GENUIN Holger Busse and Alfredo Lasheras Hakobian talk about how they started their own company in the late 1990s while still studying and how they came from a cellar in Detmold to Leipzig.

Next Wednesday (June 3) is all about how a GENUIN production gets underway, usually starting with a telephone conversation ...