Corona crisis in classical music? How we are affected

Corona crisis in classical music? How we are affected

The entire world is affected by the corona virus, including the classical music industry, of course. The virus and the associated restrictions are hitting those working in the cultural sector particularly hard. Performances - the main income of musicians - have been cancelled or postponed, CD release plans are being thrown into confusion, recordings are being postponed, label employees work from home offices and have to restructure, retailers are currently unable to open their record stores, online providers such as Amazon are temporarily ordering far fewer entertainment products, to name just a few of the effects.

GENUIN and our international distribution partners have so far been only slightly affected by the effects of the pandemic: In order to be able to pay more attention to the new CDs in the coming months, we are postponing the release dates of some CDs by a few months.

We would also like to support the many great streaming concerts of our artists by sharing the links to the streams on Facebook and Twitter. So music lovers can at least experience digital concerts. To buy new CDs, we currently recommend the platform, which still offers new CDs, or ordering them directly from our homepage. Of course, you can also listen to music as usual on Spotify, YouTube or Apple Music in the stream and thus generate income for the musicians who are financially involved in each stream, or download MP3s and HDs on iTunes, HD Tracks, Amazon and similar services.

We wish you good health and continued enjoyment of music with our GENUIN recordings, especially in domestic quarantine.

Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

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