Streaming Service qobuz Releases Interview with GENUIN Sound Engineer

Streaming Service qobuz Releases Interview with GENUIN Sound Engineer

The French streaming service qobuz has released an interview with the GENUIN sound engineer and co-managing director Alfredo Lasheras Hakobian. In the interview, conducted in May 2014 at the music fair classical:NEXT in Vienna, the GENUIN sound engineer talks about his work and the self-conception of the Leipzig sound engineering label. "When we a project appeals to us, then we are delighted to get involved in it – regardless of whether it is standard or unusual repertoire." If an artist wishes to release unknown music, GENUIN is open to it. "Then the artist is really enthusiastic about it and we want to support him in this endeavour."

In addition, Alfredo Lasheras Hakobian emphasises the importance of the younger audience for classical music, even though it is smaller than the older target group. Children and youths would need to have contact with classical music early on, so that "they lose any false respect for it and don't have the feeling that the classics are something elitist." The GENUIN sound engineer regards online music as an expansion of the music market. It is also an opportunity, in particular, to reach the young target group. "But when someone especially likes a certain piece or recording, then they would like to possess the CD," Lasheras Hakobian thinks. That is like a wonderful book or any other object that gives one pleasure.

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