Naxos is the New Distribution Partner of GENUIN

Naxos is the New Distribution Partner of GENUIN

GENUIN is embarking on new distribution channels: since the beginning of this year, NAXOS has taken over the digital distribution of GENUIN. For this, the entire catalogue was digitalised step by step and placed on the internet. Now music lovers can look for GENUIN CDs easily and quickly at any time, listen to them and download them at a high quality.

Naxos itself operates two important online platforms which were specially optimised for classical music: one of these is Classics Online, a download portal comparable with iTunes on which one can select and download individual tracks or entire CDs. The search mask has been specially adjusted to the needs of classical music: it is thus possible to look for specific musicians, composers, movement designations and label names, for example.

The second online portal, Naxos Music Library, is best compared to an online radio through which one can select classical music and listen to it at CD quality. In so doing, one can search for the works from a giant CD archive (so far over 32,000 CDs) and play them as “play lists.” The pieces cannot be stored on one’s own computer, however; one becomes a member of the Naxos Music Library and can then listen to music without time limit.

And there’s more: the next step is delivery at all the major download stores, such as Napster, iTunes and AOL – the first GENUIN CDs can already be called up there, but it will stake a few more weeks before all the titles are online.

linkTo the download portal “Classics Online”