"Heavenly Schumann Interpretations"

"Heavenly Schumann Interpretations"

The third CD by Tobias Koch from GENUIN and, for the third time, the attribute “recommended by the editorial staff of Klassik.com:” Robert Schumann’s late piano works, recorded on two Klems instruments from Schumann’s period.

Some excerpts from the critiques:

“A delight that can hardly be surpassed! […] What Tobias Koch introduces here is a Schumann CD the likes of which is heard only extremely rarely: exciting, interesting, surprising, heavenly and (sonically) sensuous.”

“It is largely thanks to the outstanding recording technology, carefully reproducing every detail, that the sonic richness of the instruments and Tobias Koch’s sensitive interpretation, originating from the sound-spectrum of these instruments, has such an incredibly thrilling effect. The recording market apparently still does have its great moments!”

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